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July 06 Alumni Reunion

Geology/Earth Sciences Reunion

22nd July 2006

Afternoon lectures
What was it that brought these people together on 22nd July 2006? Perhaps it was a burning desire to know about recent developments in Earth Sciences research, a taste for local cider, a love of rocks and fossils, happy memories of field trips, or merely a curiosity about what happened to all those other young people who had shared similar experiences over the years.

Whatever it was, or perhaps it was all this and more, over 50 graduates of the Geology (now Earth Sciences) Department and some current and former staff, gathered together on a sizzlingly-hot Saturday in July. They sat in a teaching laboratory, clutching plastic beakers of cider, chatting and laughing and feeling the years melt away. Afterwards, in the lecture theatre, they struggled against the soporific effects of the cider to learn about new developments in Earth Sciences; they heard about bizzarre fossil embryos, a local dinosaur, exploding volcanoes, rifting contintinents and the risks of climate change. New subjects and techniques of study perhaps, but that drowsiness felt strangely familiar.

Some of us spent the evening together over a delicious meal at the Muset in Clifton, where reminiscences, talk and laughter continued to flow and new friendships were made as well as old ones renewed.

An even smaller group made it through to Sunday morning's "Survivors Stroll", a leisurely wander around the campus looking at things geological. Brian Hawkins and Reg Bradshaw led the trip; Liz Loeffler tried (in vain) to keep them under control. In case you are wondering how Brian got into this state, I'll just leave you to look at all the pictures.....

If anyone else has photos of the weekend, please send them to me to put on this site.

Thanks to all the people in the Department of Earth Sciences and the Campaigns and Alumni Office (especially Liz Green), who helped to make this weekend possible.

Liz Loeffler - August 2006

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