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June 2007 Alumni Reunion

Field trip Photo - Welsh Borders 1976

According to Nick Riley, this photo was taken on Caer Caradoc during a trip to the Welsh Borders, led by Prof. Dave Dineley.

Hold your cursor on the photo to see the numbers that correspond to the key below. Let me (Liz Loeffler) know if any of the names are wrongly attributed: it was difficult to see exactly where the lines went on the photocopy!

Printable version of image - (jpg -740 KB)

  1. Nick Riley
  2. John Ormiston

  3. Val Beekes
  4. Paul Worsey
  5. Keith Holdaway
  6. Amanda Smith-Carrington
  7. Laurence Rogers
  8. Ro Renshaw
  9. Kevin Privett
  10. Chris Handley
  11. Paul Waldron
  12. John Davey
  13. Alan Merrill
  14. Liz (worked on Sabrina project)
  15. Bill Dunne

  16. Debbie West
  17. Mark Coutts-Smith
  18. Kay Deadman
  19. Leone Alexander

  20. Chris Ross

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