First Year Geology Field Trip to South Devon, March 1957 - Meadfoot Beach, Torquay

Group photo of staff and students on 1957 fieldtrip

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1. Coach driver. 2. Colin Burton (Geology). 3. Ivor Bennett (Geology). 4. Derek Dearne (Hons Geology). 5. Michael Nolan (Hons Geography). 6. Derek Holmes (Geology). 7. Frank Farley (Hons Geology). 8. John Bowen (Hons Geology). 9. John Forshaw (Hons Geography). 10. Michael Cruse (Hons Geology). 11. Dr Bob Savage. 12. Dr Scott Simpson. 13. Brian Hawkins ( Hons Geography, later Hons Geology). 14. David Tyrwhitt (Hons Geology). 15. Michael Rhodes (Hons Geology). 16. Richard Golding (Geology). 17. John Cope (Hons Geography). 18. Alun Davies (Hons Geology). 19. Barry Hilditch (Hons Geography). 20. Gill Kenyon (Hons Geology). 21. Diana May (Hons Geography). 22. Carol Turner (Hons Geography).
Photo courtesy of J.C.W.Cope